Birth Control & Family Planning

At SVMC - Health Care for Women, we want every pregnancy to be a desired pregnancy.  To reach that goal, we offer a number of birth control options.  We can help teach you to use family planning techniques to decide how and when to start a family.  We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and help you decide which method is best for you.  Among the options our patients choose are

  • Natural Family Planning
  • Barrier Methods, such as condoms and diaphragms
  • Combined Hormonal Contraception, including the birth control pill, patch, and ring
  • Depo Provera--the every-3-month injection
  • Implanon--a single rod, which is implanted in the arm during a short in-office procedure and provides protection for up to 3 years
  • Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (IUD)--we offer both IUD's currently available in the U.S.: Mirena, the 5-year IUD, and Paragard, the 10-year IUD; both are inserted during a short office visit
  • Female Sterillization--both traditional methods and Essure
We are also happy to provide information and referrals for couples  interested in vasectomy (male sterilization).

Birth Control Frequently Asked Questions

There are many unique questions and concerns when discussing birth control methods. We are available to answer all your questions at any time. For any general questions that you may have, here is a short list of commonly asked questions from those who are seeking to learn more about birth control.

Birth Control Articles

The Basics of Birth Control

When it comes to the wide-ranging field of birth control, it's natural for many women these days to be left feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what kind of birth control is right for them. At SVMC - HEALTH CARE FOR WOMEN in Salinas, patients have a wide variety of options to explore when it comes to finding the birth control that works best for them- whether it's hormonal methods like birth control pills, intrauterine devices, barrier methods like condoms, natural family planning, or sterilization, SVMC - HEALTH CARE FOR WOMEN'S medical professionals can help women of all ages explore their options and find the method or methods that they are most comfortable with. SVMC - HEALTH CARE FOR WOMEN can also educate women about emergency contraception, like the over-the-counter Plan B option.

Some women may not know this, but even if you have not yet started having your period, or if you are getting close to menopause, you could still be running the risk of pregnancy if you are engaging in unprotected sex. Statistics show that each year approximately 85% who don't use birth control have an unplanned pregnancy, and in the United States about half the pregnancies every year are unplanned.

So what are some of your options when it comes to birth control? Getting a brief introduction into the methods will likely give you a better idea of what type of birth control is best for your specific needs and preferences.

  • Barrier Methods - Generally speaking, barrier methods do not prevent pregnancy as effectively as hormonal methods or IUD's, and they must be used EVERY TIME that you have sex. Barrier methods Include condoms, sponges, and diaphragms. Condoms have the advantage of protecting against some types of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Hormonal Methods - Birth control that uses hormones is statistically very good at preventing pregnancy. Hormonal methods include birth control pills, the vaginal ring (Nuva Ring), the patch (Ortho Evra), the Depo Provera injection, and Implanon, the single-rod implant. Some of these methods must be used every day. Others are longer-acting; Implanon lasts 3 years.
  • Intrauterine Devices (IUD's) - IUD's are inserted into your uterus, work for 5-10 years at a time, and are a very safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy. They are as effective as sterilization methods but are reversible. The Mirena IUD contains a hormone that can help with heavy periods and cramping. The Paragard IUD is hormone-free.
  • Natural Family Planning - Also referred to as "fertility awareness", Natural Family Planning can be effective provided that you and your sexual partner are extremely careful, and are especially mindful of what times of the month are best to engage in sexual activity. Women practicing natural family planning are strongly encouraged to keep good records so as to know when they are fertile; and for times when you ARE fertile, you will need to abstain from sex, or use a barrier method. This method is not appropriate for women who do not have regular menstrual cycles.
  • Sterilization - Permanent birth control methods are appropriate for couples who have completed their families. Options for women include tubal ligation and Essure. Men can undergo a procedure called vasectomy.

When choosing your birth control method, it is important to consider your lifestyle and desire for future childbearing. At SVMC - HEALTH CARE FOR WOMEN, our physicians are happy to discuss these issues and help you find th birth control method that is best for you.

Essure - Permanent birth control procedure in Salinas, Monterey County California

For women who are interested in a birth control procedure that is not only permanent, but also without the need for a hospital operating room, incisions, anesthesia, or any of the other potential risks that come with an intensive procedure, then the birth control method of Essure could be exactly what you've been looking for. Essure is a permanent, non-reversible birth control procedure that works with your body in order to create a natural barrier against any future pregnancy, the procedure of Essure has been used and trusted by both women and doctors like the professionals at SVMC - Health Care For Women over the past five years.

One of the most attractive prospects when considering Essure is that the method is a simple procedure that is performed in a doctors office rather than an operating room; plus, depending on your insurance plan, the payment for the Essure procedure could be as low as a co-pay. Other reasons why the Essure procedure is so attractive is because it involves no surgery, no hormones, no long recovery period, and the entire process is performed in under 10 minutes, making your permanent birth control procedural experience smoother, and more effective than it ever has been before in the history of women's health care.

The medical professionals at SVMC - Health Care For Women in Salinas, Monterey County, California are pleased to have the capability of performing in-office female tubal sterilization procedures, which are more commonly known as Essure. The Essure procedure involves small micro-implants that are placed into the tubes using a small telescope, which is, in the opinion of most, a vast advancement compared to the previous methods of cauterizing or ligating the fallopian tubes. Essure has been approved by the FDA since 2003, and to date, hundreds of thousands of women have opted for the procedure in the United States alone, and medical record shows that, when the procedure is done properly, there have been absolutely no failures in the method. In fact, the experience of the healthcare professionals at SVMC - Health Care For Women in Salinas has been extremely favorable, and most patients have experienced little to no discomfort when undergoing the procedure, with the ease of the method allows women to even return to normal activity either the day of, or the next day after the procedure.

If you're interested in learning more about either the Essure procedure, or some other service pertaining to the pre- and post-natal care done by the medical professionals at SVMC - Health Care For Women in Salinas, California, please feel free to learn more at, or call 831-758-8223 and set up an appointment for a visit to the SVMC - Health Care For Women doctor offices in Monterey County today.