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What is the difference between Obstetrics and Gynecology?

Healthcare for women can be divided into two medical disciplines based on the reproductive status of a woman. Obstetrics is concerned with the treatment of pregnancy including pre-natal and post-natal care. Gynecology, from the Greek meaning “the study of women”, deals with the overall female reproductive system throughout a woman’s life from her first menstruation through post-menopause, other than those times when she is pregnant. Together these two disciplines are combined to comprise the practice of OBGYN. OBGYN physicians are experts in diagnosing problems related to the organs of the female reproductive system, as well as treating those conditions medically or surgically as the case requires.

The Monterey Peninsula area and surrounding areas of California, including Carmel, Gilroy, Greenfield, Hollister, Marina, Salinas, Seaside, and Soledad, have a higher than average proportion of its population comprised of women of child bearing age which creates high demand for OBGYN physicians. In addition to caring for expectant mothers and delivering babies, Salinas OBGYN physicians treat conditions such as cancer, osteoporosis (weakened bones), and endometriosis. Key diagnostics services include PAP Smears, ultrasound imaging, and bone density scans.

The most common services sought from Salinas OBGYN practices by healthy women are prenatal care, pap smears and birth control(both family planning and permanent sterilization, such as Essure). If you are a woman seeking expert professional medical care, call Health Care for Women in Salinas, California, or for any questions or concerns you may have concerning gynecology, obstetrics, healthy pregnancies or general women’s healthcare, please call 832-758-8223, or visit the Health Care for Women website today.

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